We started this Blog “Retirement Income” as a group of friends and professionals nearing retirement realizing

  • we would not have enough retirement income to
    • live in security or
    • enjoy the travel and life we want

We have some ideas to share and get input from others

  • we are using some of these ideas some ourselves and will tell all we learn
  • maybe some of our accounting, computer, legal, travel, and other experience may be useful to all who are facing – or already in – retirement
  • our readers will have lots of ideas and success stories to share

You may not be as adept with computers as your kids, and we know you definitely want to watch out for many of these “ways to make money” on the internet – some are “scams” at best.  We can help with that.

Of course we and our visitors are not providing legal advice – just exchanging good information that helps all.

We plan this as a forum for ideas to generate income to Make Retirement the Best Years of Our Lives.

CLICK “Recents” or “Comments” to see what others have to say.

SHARE: Post your ideas and experience in what works and does not work for you and for others seeking to supplement whatever retirement income we have.

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