My experience is that the best way to compete if you are over 50 years old (I am 70 and contracting almost all the time) is to work as a Contractor and not as a “permanent” employee.

Although networking is best, most go through a contracting firm – depending on your area of expertise: examples are

  • Accountemps
  •; COMSYS, etc for the computer savvy
  • Careerbuilder, Monster, others for clerical, engineering, legal, etc.

And there is a new one with focus on remote (work from home) and part-time assignments

  • FlexJobs at

The placement firms and the hiring managers do not care as much about age for Contractors – they care whether we can walk in and get the job done starting about the first minute on the job!   This is in contrast with a “perm” hire that they train to be productive after several weeks or months – so here we have an advantage if we have marketable skills!

Even short-term Contracts are worthwhile – many are extended for longer term and all build our resume as Contractors.

Working at the Beach

Also – if we wait until we can claim full SS retirement – at about age 66 or so depending on birth date – Income does NOT reduce Social Security income no matter how much we earn

We say Go For It – and also look aggressively for Plan B – other sources of income like those shown here on Retirement Income Blog.

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