Retirement Income from providing Sustainable Living for Seniors

Create new sources of Retirement Income by tapping this huge NEW market!

Sustainable living is a

  • lifestyle that makes us INDEPENDENT and
  • reduces the use of natural and personal resources

How can we have a great retirement living off the land or other ways of sustainable living for seniors, and increase out retirement income in the process?

Getting Started in Sustainable Living for Seniors –

The hardest part of getting started is getting started!

What is stopping us? Lack of money.

We have all made mistakes financially, and there are so many needs for our income:

Bills, house payments, taxes, utilities, paying off debt, and more

Sustainable Living for Seniors means reducing consumption.  But we’ll always need some type of income.

How to make Retirement Income by living a sustainable life?

  • What do you know that is worth something to others?
  • What do you love to do?
  • Your skills can be a profitable business– Make jellies, jams, cured or healthy uncured hams, cured or healthy uncured bacon, soaps in the shapes of lemons, angels, or what YOU like, special candles in shapes YOU love and scents YOU love, lotions, homemade clothing – up to you!
  • Have you heard of pastured eggs? You can grow these hens in your backyard and make big money from home.
  • Flea Markets – a huge opportunity we will explore in detail in future posts.
  • Sell animals you have raised or purchased for resale– people pay high prices for dogs, but don’t forget other pets like hamsters, rabbits and ferrets that breed like crazy!   Some people raise worms in their garden or planter boxes for sale to bait stores and to gardeners.  Sell online on Greensheet, Craigslist and local stores.
  • Be a writer and work from home anywhere – we can provide lots of information on creating e-books to sell on Amazon, writing articles about your hobbies and passions. There is a huge market just for pamphlets, booklets, and e-books on dogs – or cats – or a lot of topics like knitting, gardening, or recipes, just to name a few.
  • Antiques – if you have experience or know-how in this area it can be a gold mine for Sustainable Living for Seniors.
  • Sell from your garden and eat the rest– use all of your property. Plant perennials that come back every year (for example fruits, berries, nuts).  Sell at a farmer’s market – it is work but also fun and a great way to meet others and get good ideas.
  • Herbs and Flowers— grow and sell these for a nice profit.

You can also get started immediately to cut costs:

  • Cut Down living expenses – cable bills, mobile phone plans, internet bills can all be cut NOW
  • Make your own cleaning products – easily done
  • Sell your unused items at garage sales
  • Rent part of your home to others (rent a bedroom with kitchen privileges)

Lots more on this coming in future posts.  Your comments are always welcome!

What is your experience with Sustainable Living for Seniors?

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